Welcome to tha kingdom

now you have entered the kingdom and you will experience firsthand how gym trap music has come to be. the combination of workout music and trap from the musical and military experience and of a u. s. marine veteran, father, husband, and ifbb professional athlete and olympian.



   Xavisus Tyrone Gayden (born September 8, 1979), professionally known as XG, is an African

American artist of trap, record producer, songwriter, and audio engineer from Houston,

Texas. He has recently released singles titled Gym Juice and Boss Shit. He has also released

collaborative projects with artists including Lords of Aggression, and Phenomena Da Gr8t,

and Phoe-Reel.

Early life

XG spent his time in sports, working, and church growing up with his uncle and aunts. He started singing in church and later discovered rap in elementary performing in school events. XG was a part of the church choir for a few years then he became a lead singer whichturned things around. It wasn’t until middle school, where he started writing rap lyrics and performing songs amongst his friends. XG also gravitated towards the piano during choir practice and became one of the top tenors in his school. Upon graduation he was awarded a scholarship in music and took a turn by joining the Marines.


  In 2019, XG retired from the military and decided to focus on his music. XG attended The Recording Arts Center at Studio West February 2020 and graduated February 2021. He then released his first single in April 2021 entitled Boss Shit and then his second single followed

it up in May of 2021.


XG made his acting debut in 2010 during a LA Hiphop music video. During the summer of 2010 XG was featured in a Big Brothers Adoption commercial in Palm Springs. XG was later featured in a fall 2014 short Arcane Beatz and then the short film Blacklisted, co-starring with his cousin CG Thomas.


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